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Las Vegas pro audio amplifier rentals
Major Features:
  • Auto BPM Counter
  • Auto Beat Sampler
  • Auto Beat Effector
  • 4 stereo input channels with 3-phono, 3-line and 1-line/CD switchable channel
  • Independent mic channel (XLR input) with separate EQ section talk over switch
  • Headphone spt cueing
  • Fader start play
  • Separate 3-band equalizer for each channel
  • 3 types of crossfader curve adjustments
  • Balanced and unbalanced (XLR/RCA) outputs, plus a booth monitor output and record output
Major Features:
  • 9 input channels (3 phono, 4 line, and 2 mics)
  • Delay effects
  • Echo effects
  • Auto Pan: Left-right balance can be changed automatically to the rhythm as rapidly as you like with rhythmic switches too quick for human hands
  • Other effects include pitch shifter, reverb and outboard effects send/return
  • Size: 12-3/8"w x 4-3/16"h x 14"d. Wt. 13 lbs.
The Ultimate Scratch Performance Mixer:
  • Unique double panel cover hides all screws that can impede fast mixing Selectable position input transformer switch can be adjusted 8 different ways to suit the mixing style of most any DJ
  • 6 inputs (2 phono, 2 line and 2 mic) each with a 2 band EQ and left-to-right balance controls
  • Adjust the super smooth crossfader's "curve" to your own unique mixing style-from long running mixes to scratching and cutting styles
  • Size: 10.29"w x 12.57"d x 4.04"h. Wt. 8 lbs.
PA/RECORDING MIXER: Mackie's XDR(TM) circuitry gives this 1202 VLZ-PRO mixer the pristine sonics and awesome specs of a high-end (much more expensive) mixer. Features:
  • Ultra-low noise, high headroom
  • Extended Dynamic Range premium studio-grade mic preamps
  • Advanced DC pulse transformer RF rejection
  • Separate RCA-type tape/CD inputs and tape outputs (unbalanced)
  • 2 aux sends with 15dB of extra gain above Unity
  • Constant-loudness pan pots
  • PFL Stereo in-place Solo on each channel
  • 2 stereo aux returns w/EFX to Monitor
  • Aux 1 master w/ Monitor/Post assign
  • 3-band active EQ (80Hz, 2.5kHz, 12kHz)
  • 18dB/oct. 75Hz Lo Cut filter eliminates stage rumble, wind noise, P-pops and low frequency recording studio room resonances
  • Extra ALT 3-4 stereo bus for submixes, separate recording, monitor and 'mix minus' feeds
  • Control Room/Phones multi-input source matrix
  • Phantom power for condenser mics
  • Rugged steel chassis
  • Sealed rotary controls
  • 12 line inputs (4 mono, 4 stereo pairs)
14-Channel, 2-Bus Mixing Console!
  • 6 low noise/high headroom mic pre-amps with 60dB of gain
  • Low cut filters on mono channels 1-6
  • Channels 1-4 can be used as stereo channels
  • Switchable phantom power for condenser mics
  • 3-band EQ on all channels and a mute/alt function allows routing of signal to an alternate stereo output
  • Balanced XLR outputs plus RCA and phone inserts
  • PFL/AFL (solo in place) on all channels
  • Size: 13"d x 14"w x 3.3"h

Small to Medium Audio Presentation Packages:

1 Day
Add a pair of self powered 50 watt speakers
Add a pair of self powered 180 watt speakers
Add a pair of self powered 400 watt speakers
Add a wireless microphone and mixer
- FREE delivery, set-up & pick-up*
some restrictions apply*
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